A system to centralize, organize and monitor the requests for channels of communication of an organization: business cards, catalogs, brochures, newsletters…


How does it work?

An example of the applications of this solution would be the centralized orders of business cards from the several offices and departments of a company:

  • The purchaser gets access by means of a password through a customized Web page. He designs his own cards and previews them. He orders the number of units he wants.
  • A manager of the company receives an e-mail, if that manager approves it a purchase order is launched.
  • The purchase order arrives at the printing house. When the work is completed the order is delivered on the agreed date.
  • Just in the same way purchase orders for printing catalogs, brochures, … may be ordered


The development of a Web to Print platform provides the company with important benefits:

  1. It prevents unnecessary waste of time all throughout the purchasing process, approval and delivery of the print-out.
  2. No mistakes at all as we work on the final version of such documents.
  3. It ensures the correct corporate colors. The order is printed at a single printing house certified by customer to ensure that the corporative printed material adjusts thoroughly to the corporative image.
  4. The production and delivery dates are previously agreed. There are neither delays nor surprises.
  5. Customer knows at all times the budget used by each office and/or department.

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