The use of secure inks prevents the forging of checks, university degrees, diplomas, certificates, event tickets…


How does it work?

Today printing by means of secure inks and varnishes is the best possible system of protecting the brand name and preventing fraud in printing.

There are different types of security inks that can be rated depending on the degree of difficulty in detecting them:

Visible Security Elements

They are visible security measures and can be easily identified:

  • Thermochromic inks. These inks change their color depending on the temperature. Color disappears whenever a temperature range is exceeded. There are three ranges available: cold temperature (10ºC), corporal temperature (30ºC) and hot temperature (40ºC).
  • Phosphorescent inks. These inks emit light whenever they are exposed to a light source and such exposure has ended.

Invisible Security Elements

Special equipment is required for being checked:

  • Fluorescence inks. They are visible and invisible inks that give out several colors if they are under ultraviolet light.
  • Infrared inks. These inks are invisible and may be only seen by using an infrared laser beam.

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