Exceptional printing, higher versatility, reduced print runs, customized marketing…. at a competitive Price. Offset quality from the very first sample


What is it?

Unlike other technologies e.g. xerography (toner powder) the ElectroInk liquid ink technology uses very tiny particles; 1-2 microns. By using such tiny particles a higher resolution, increased brightness and significant color improvements are achieved, as well as sharper edges providing the paper with a uniform finish. It ensures a high accuracy and consistency of the color between works. This enables us to print on a wide range of papers and other substrates with the maximum quality.


The digital & offset printing technology that uses ElectroInk liquid-ink is beyond the standard laser technology (toner) because:

  • paper is not subjected to high temperatures, enabling its handling and achieving an excellent finish.
  • it prints on any kind of material.
  • much more soft and natural color transitions (degraded) may be produced


It is ideal for high quality works: arts, photography, architecture, fashion, engineering…

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