Communication campaign using several resources: customized pint-outs, SMS, Web sites for each customer (PURL), links to social networking platforms…


How does it work?

  1. By using the company’s database a study of the communication needs is carried out. A group of customers are chosen (segmentation) and the most appropriate multimedia channels are established.
  2. Then, the design of the items is carried out: customized print-outs, SMS, URL, forms, newsletters, and messages to be launched through the social networks.
  3. Then, the campaign is developed.
  4. The outcome of the campaign may be visualized at the very moment by way of graphics and diagrams that clearly show the fulfillment of the objectives and the return of the investment (ROI).


The design and execution of multichannel or crossmedia campaigns can be proactively used to:

1. Contact customers included in our database.

  • Carry out general satisfaction surveys or a specific service
  • Offer new product and updates

2. Carry out promotional campaigns addressed to new customers:

  • Present the company
  • Offer a particular product

3. Achieve new contacts through regular customers who recommend our company to some friends or acquaintances, in exchange for an incentive: discounts, free services, promotional items… It is called a viral campaign.

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