Thanks to the Augmented Reality we can develop limitless cognitive experiences from a print-out


How does it work?

The Augmented Reality combines the real world with the virtual world by means of a computerized process, enriching the visual experience and improving the communication channel. The user dives into a world created by a computer.

Thanks to this technology we can add visual information to the existing reality. For instance, only by focusing the camera on a printed item (book, poster…) a 3D representation, a video, a panoramic image, a game, a questionnaire will appear on the screen…. A computer or a mobile device is needed (cell-phone or tablet) with the right application or software installed.

Within the following years the Augmented Reality will turn into one of the most important sources of information.


Augmented Reality:

  • It is a useful communication tool that draws the user’s attention towards such a printed product.
  • It is also useful for the didactic resource that multiplies the didactic capacity in the books as it enriches our messages with spectacular effects as the 3D representation is.
  • It is produced from a marker that at the beginning was a code but now is a printed image, memorized by a computer program.

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