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About the Project

Isolarios is a book by Iker Serrano that was published after four years of work, between 2010 and 2014.

In this Project we meet a chief character who begins a voyage to a concrete place; an isle, his isle. Just from the beginning of this voyage he is going though several stadiums, which are widening his conscience, knowledge and capacity to make out the topography of the place.

Iker Serrano works with three main elements: the traveling chief character as the leading role, the place as the space in construction and the way as the vehicle for the self-construction. By combining these three main axes within the several squares a narration is created emphasizing the experience in order to recount the process of the work of art and the construction of the creative individual.

Backbound book with the pages treated with acrylic varnish.

Project Info

Client : Iker Serrano Robles