On Friday and Saturday, May 16 and 17, 2014 a special event took place for lovers of design and typography: 4th Edition of Serifalaris. An event to share, learn and socialize.

A special weekend to get out of our daily routine and enjoy a profession which in turn is a passion: Graphics Design.

There were lectures, workshops, appetizers and beverages.

Amongst the speakers::

  • Agencia Atlas presented their most outstanding works.
  • Alberto Carnero spoke about typography design, drawing of letters and post-production.
  • Javier Jaén showed us the way to find narrative settings within a nearby environment and related to our own daily experience.
  • Eduardo del Fraile commented on naming, identity, packaging and product, interactive and publishing projects, and application within spaces.
  • Javier Mariscal performed a brilliant performance laden with content.

GRAFILUR collaborated with such an event by making the posters to promote the event and with a welcome pack consisting of an event brochure and a location map.

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