Companies and institutions request some jobs that do not require large numbers of copies.

There is also a significant increase in the number of individuals who wish to publish their projects. These include novels, recipe books, family histories, theses and photography books…

Grafilur has made a significant purchase of machinery specifically designed to strengthen its digital book printing department, for cases in which short runs are required. This purchase enables Grafilur to better position itself for the production of these kinds of jobs by increasing its production capacity and reducing lead times.

The most notable features of this new equipment are:

  • An EVA/PUR adhesive paperback binding line which is able to make 400 books an hour with EVA adhesive and 250 books an hour with PUR adhesive
  • A three-knife trimmer which adapts to different formats with little preparation
  • A black and white book printer with a double-sided printing capacity of 250 DINA4 images per minute
  • A fast guillotine for small paper sizes
  • A laminator designed for digital, fast and versatile printing