Human Team

The employees working for Grafilur, coupled with the state-of-the-art technology, are the key of our success.

We are a team consists of 130 people who share a clear common goal: to achieve the excellence in our work in order to satisfy our customers’ expectations and needs.

The company is organized in various departments: Commercial Department, Pre-printing Department, Offset Printing, Digital Printing and Binding Department, Multichannel Communication Department, Sales and Administration Department.


Our facilities feature an area of 10,000 square meters distributed in 5 floors of 2,000 square meters each, four of these floors are exclusively devoted to production and the remaining one is the storage area.

We are located in Basauri, a town, which is 10 kilometers far from the center of Bilbao and situated next to an outstanding communication hub, and only 15 minutes away from Bilbao’s Loiu International airport.

Technical Resources

The investment plan for new machinery we have carried out in recent years, which is still ongoing even today, has endowed us with a great production capacity that enables us to give a prompt and efficient response to our customers’ need. Our concern has always been to provide our customers with complete solutions for each particular task and line of work, and bearing in mind this way of thinking we have completed our own machinery fleet.

Download Technical datasheet (PDF)


  • Workflow Prinergy 4.0 CREO, with color test system Kodak Matchprint connected to printer Epson (43 cm)
  • CTP CREO Trendsetter 5467 VLF Quantum direct system to plate with V system of high-speed (137.2 x170, 2 cm)
  • PrintLink system direct connection to CTP to printing machines by CIP3 data
  • Direct system to film. Film recorder Primesetter 102 (77×107 cm) with frontal puncher and 3 input cassettes with online processor Echo Graphic EGP 1141 for film and polyester
  • Theimer Montakop exposure units
  • Processor Fuji IMAF 150
  • Heidelberg Tango scanner
  • Workflow Prinect Printready Heidelberg with CIP4 PPF software, manage color system, possibility of stochastic screening or conventional and with Remote Access platform for customers access. We have a color test system managed by Color Management de Heidelberg software with output to printer Epson 61 cm
  • KODAK Magnus 800 Quantum computer to plate (CTP) system (95×116 cm) with auto plate charger, punching and processing online
  • Glunz&Jensen Interplater 135 HD processor with conveyor y stacker
  • Color quality control system, Image Control, its measure spectrophotometrically the image of each print sheet, comparing it with the reference and correcting deviations during the print run.

 Offset Printing

  • Heidelberg GTO (36×52 cm) 1 cooler
  • Speedmaster SM 52 (37×52 cm) 4 colours
  • Speedmaster 102 ZP (72×102 cm) 2 colours 1/1
  • Speedmaster 102 CD (72×102 cm) 5 colours
  • Speedmaster CD 102-5+L (72×102 cm) 5 colours + L
  • Mitsubishi 5F (94×130 cm) 4 colours
  • KBA fast format VII B (120×162 cm) 4 colours 2/2
  • KBA fast format VII B (120×162 cm) 4 colours
  • Rotary Polygraph (44, width 64 cm) 2/2 colours

Digital Printing

  • Ricoh Pro C7110X, 5 colour digital press, maximum size 33×70 cm
  • HP Indigo Digital Offset Color press 3050, maximum size 32×47,5 cm
  • Xerox Docucolor 550 digital color press, maximum size 33×48,8 cm
  • Canon Varioprint 6250. B&W digital press, max. size 32×48,8 cm
  • Epson Stylus Pro 4800 printer ,maximum size 43 cm
  • Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer, maximum size 61 cm
  • HP Designjet Z6200 plotter, max. size 106 cm

Binding and Handling

  • Paper-cutters (67×67, 78×78 and 115×115 cm)
  • Automatic cutting lines (115×115 and 176×200 cm)
  • Binding Machines t (35×51, 54×74, 82×120, 94×132 and 102×145 cm)
  • Double Production Binding Machine (142×165 cm)
Auxiliary Machinery
  • 9-station folding machine
  • Die-cutting machine
  • Tauler Printlam-B2 lamination machine
Gluing– Collating – Sewing
  • Kolbus KB 400 end sheet tipping and gluing machine
  • Muller-Martini 3210 Sewing Machine
  • Multiplex 18-station collating and sewing system
  • Aster 220 Sewing Machines (2 units)
  • Limp binding line MÜLLER-MARTINI composed by:
    • Ralissa gather machine with 21 stations and stacking unit
    • Starbinder with 21 grips
    • Zenith three-knife trimmer
  • Limp binding line Kolbus composed by:
    • Gather machine with 18 stations and stacking unit
    • Ratiobinder with 27 grips
    • HD151P three-knife trimmer
    • Front edge cutting unit Cermi XCR-650 for flap books
    • Nordson LA 404 system with EP48 CP applicator (PUR adhesive) and Logicom gluing control
  • Limp binding line C.P. Bourg BB3102/PUR-C (NORDSON system) composed by:
    • Automatic book blocks loader Bourg (BBL)
    • Three-knife trimmer Challenge CMT-130
  • Smith Book cover machine
  • Horauf BDF 20 Book cover machine
  • Kolbus PE-70 Brown pressing machine
  • Stahl VBF 2000/2 Case binding mill with automatic introducer and stacker
Wire stitched binding
  • Muller-Martini Bravo S rolling mill to normal staple and omega